July 10th, Legends of Thyme: The Lost Tree, Part I

Legends of Thyme: The Lost Tree is the fairy story of a local teacher, Thyme, who is set upon a quest by three Sunflowers to venture into the Dark Wood that borders her home. Will she be able to find the long lost prince and free the forest from the dominion of its eldest and all-knowing Tree? You’ll have to tune in on July 10th to find out.

Totaling three parts, Legends of Thyme will be released as audio, narrated by me! To be notified when it’s released on July 10th, subscribe to my Bulletin and on SoundCloud, and follow me on Instagram and Twitter @stephaniejedd.

The art for Part I, and incidentally the design of Thyme’s Dandelion Sword depicted here, has been created by Vincent Kukua, whom you can follow on Instagram @vkukua.

Parts II and III will drop in August and September. Subscribe now so you don’t miss them!

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