The Clear Case

The Clear Case is Volume 1 of my 1940s San Francisco Private Detective Series, The Gance and Grace Mysteries. I wrote Volumes 1 and 2 (The Halyard Hitch) in the style of short, sweet pulp novellas. However, as I aspire to expand the series into other formats (Hello, networks), I have recently finished massive rewrites of the first book.

The Clear Case is a private detective mystery set in 1947 San Francisco. It has the feel of a classic film noir with a contemporary feminist point-of-view. 

Private detective Mel Gance has never met a face he couldn’t read––that is until now, as hotel heiress Cecilia Le Cleur expressionlessly tells him about the case that will soak his favorite suit in blood and mark 1947 as the spring everything changed.

Check out the cover, painted by me:


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