EddCast 06: Blood Moon 2015: Total Eclipse of the Supermoon

Aaron Lee (@AstroALee), a finishing graduate student in astronomy at UC Berkeley, and Rion Roberts, a classicist and scholar of Renaissance rhetoric, philosophy, science, and magic, join me in discussing the September 27th Blood Moon. Tune in for some science and mysticism as we explore the astronomical facts of the event as well as the folkloric magic in the air.


Apocalypse fears:

Supermoon via astrologer

Chile earthquake

Big Bear Earthquake

Bloodmoon earthquakes

13 Moons Material from the Ontario Native Literacy Coalition

Farmer’s Almanac Moon Names

Oxford Encyclopedia Of Ancient Greece and Rome, vol. 7: Eclipses

Moon Names, from the personal website of Stephen Boyle, Teaching Fellow University College London

On Lunatics, Part I Question V, Malleus Maleficarium

“Spring Wolf’s Pagan Path™ Witchcraft and Shamanism Full Moon Names

Female Moon Deities: Hekate (Greek), Artemis (Greek), Diana (Roman), Selene (Greek), Luna (Roman), Astarte (Hellenized Goddess from the Levant), Bendis (Thracian), Coyolxauhqui (Aztec), Mani (Norse)

Male Moon Deities: Khonsu (Egyptian), Iah (Egyptian), Igaluk (Inuit) Tecciztecatl (Aztec), Chandra (Hindu), Tsukuyomi-no-Mikoto (Shinto)


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