EddCast 5: Tiger Beat of Your Heart: Teen Dreams and Dirtbags

Angel Cowgill, aspiring teen librarian and pop culture maven joins me in discussing her and my budding teen heartthrobs. From Heroin Chic to Syndicated Geek we explored the tropes and asked, Do Our Teen Dreams Influence Our Waking Life? Is the Bad Boy you lusted after in 9th grade the one you’ll chase forever?

Beware there are some spoilers for True Detective Season 2, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, My So-Called Life, Friday Night Lights, and Dawson’s Creek. 


The Most Glorious Jordan Catalano GIFS

23 Times Pacey Witter From Dawson’s Creek Ruined Us For All Other Men

Tim Riggins Forever: 10 Times We Fell in Love with the Friday Night Lights Star

Q&A: Conan O’Brien, Vanity Fair

Xena Warrior Princess is 20: 12 reasons why Xena and Gabrielle are the cutest TV couple ever

Evolving Tradition, by SLWatson
In this fanfiction, “Joel tries to read the ‘bots “The Night Before Christmas’. Needless to say, it doesn’t go smoothly.”

Ouran High School Host Club (Anime available on Netflix and Hulu)

Boys Over Flowers (TV series available on Netflix and as Boys Before Flowers on Hulu)



Angel and I have started a My So-Called Life introcast, A Podcast… or Whatever, which you can follow on Soundcloud and iTunes under EddCast! Follow me @rangerbagel for updates, including updates on the MSCL Drinking Game!


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