EddCast 3: The Feminist Hour on Miley Cyrus, Part 1

Elizabeth Padilla (@Lizzylandia)—a transnational feminist, woman of color, and asker of questions—joins me in the first installment of the ongoing EddCast series: The Feminist Hour.

This session is Part 1 in a 2-Part series on Miley Cyrus from a feminist perspective. In this part we discussed how Miley has perpetuated empowerment rhetoric, and next episode we’ll talk about her intersectional failures and problems.



Transnational Feminism, via Wikipedia

Miley Cyrus on Being Gender Queer, via Daily Dot

Pablow the Blowfish, via The Huffington Post

The 2013 MTV Video Music Awardsvia YouTube

Miley “Almost Naked” on Jimmy Kimmel Live (August 2015), via YouTube

Miley Cyrus and Her Dead Petzvia mileycyrus.com

100 Women 2014: The taboo of menstruating in India, via BBC News



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